Full Service Gunsmithing and Transfers

Long Gun/Shotgun: $30.00 Ea.
Handguns: $40.00 Ea.
NFA Items: Suppressor: $75.00 Ea. | SBR: $100.00 Ea.

Note: Background check fees only apply to items purchased from another store and shipped to DEZ for transfer. NFA items purchased through SilencerShop do not incur a fee. An additional $25.00 Silencershop Kiosk fee will be added to all NFA transfers. Firearm transfers that are not picked up within 60 days of receiving and/or 30 days following an approved background check will incur a $50.00 / month safe storage fee. If the amount of the fees exceed the value of the firearm, it will be considered abandoned and sold.
Gunsmithing Rate: $85.00/Hr Plus Parts (Call For A Quote)
Cerakote Finish: Cost varies (Call For A Quote)

The Best Components

Building the best rifles means using the best components. Most of the components on every rifle are manufactured by our company, which means we have our finger on quality at all times. Our components are machined to the tightest tolerances using the finest U.S. Made Materials. It all starts with the barrel - the most crucial part of the firearm. When building a rifle, we put in the extra time and effort so you can be confident that your rifle is built far beyond industry standards. Rifles are assembled by a single gunsmith from start to finish. There are no assembly lines here! If you want to build it yourself, all of our components are available individually, and are designed to be compatible with most other manufacturer's components.

Our Company

Located in Central WIsconsin, DEZ Tactical is an FFL 07 / Class 2 SOT manufacturer and manufactures all rifles on-site, in-house.

We have recently moved to our new facility in Baraboo, which features a larger retail store, gunsmithing shop and indoor shooting range. Please visit our Indoor Range page for more details. Our retail storefront can be found on Google Maps here:

DEZ Tactical Arms

1223 South Blvd

Baraboo, WI 53913

Our Retail Store

New for 2020! Come visit our new retail store located right off HWY 12 on South Blvd in Baraboo, WI. Our retail store has our full lineup of products listed on our website (and even a few extra goodies you won't find online). We have a full selection of complete AR-15 & AR-308 rifles, upper halves and lower halves available for purchase. We stock a wide variety of accessories, suppressors and offer a large selection of handguns, shotguns and rifles. We are a family-friendly store, so bring the whole family in!

We offer gunsmithing services, and rifle transfers at our retail store. Have an old firearm that needs fixing? Bring it in. We have an excellent gunsmith on-site.

Committed to excellence, we strive to produce the finest rifles in terms of quality, accuracy and reliability.

DEZ Tactical Arms, Inc. was founded in July of 2012 by a young lifelong firearms enthusiast with a vision to create top of the line AR type rifles.

Firearms enthusiast and avid target shooter since an early age, Brian, owner of DEZ Tactical Arms, has many years of experience on the consumer side. Additionally, working within the firearms industry producing precision parts for AR type rifles has given DEZ Tactical Arms the knowledge and skills to manufacture a high quality product.

DEZ Tactical Arms, Inc. is owned and operated under the same family as DEZ Arms, Inc. -- manufacturer of precision barrels and parts.

Our Rifles

Strict Quality Control

Our quality control procedures have been streamlined and perfected to make sure there is absolutely zero manufacturing defect. Every rifle and upper is put through a strict 40+ point quality control inspection before leaving our facility. This inspection is completed by the gunsmith who built the rifle, and then double-checked by a second professional. This quality control inspection sheet is sent along with the rifle for you to keep, and is individually serialized to your rifle.

Our Hours

Our Services

Our Operation

If you are interested in a top of the line rifle from a company who fully stands behind and believes in its products, consider DEZ. When we first decided to build rifles. we wanted to be different. We set out on a mission to build the best rifles possible. That was our mission when we started, and it's still our mission today. DEZ Arms started producing barrels in 2004, and then expanded to complete rifles in 2012. We now offer over a dozen standard rifle models in five different calibers. We specialize in custom rifles. You choose the parts, and we build you the custom rifle of your dreams backed by a lifetime warranty. Producing the best rifles means never sacrificing anything in terms of quality. Here is what makes our rifles a step above the competition:

Every Rifle Individually Tested For Accuracy

We're serious about accuracy. Every Match-Grade DEZ Rifle and Upper Receiver is built with a hand-selected DEZ Barrel. Our rifles are guaranteed to be SUB-MOA before going out the door. Before leaving our facility, every DEZ rifle and upper is life-fire tested and certified for accuracy. This is done using our very own state-of-the-art testing fixture that tests the true accuracy of the build. The product doesn't leave until it passes. It's as simple as that. You receive the original target to keep.

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NOTE: Last shooting range check-in is 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to closing times. Retail store is open until posted hours.

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