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A State of The Art Range For All Shooters

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Bringing It All Together

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GSG MP5 Clone (.22 LR)
DEZ 11.5" AR-15 (With Silencer) (5.56)
IWI Tavor (5.56)
Century Arms Galil (5.56)
FN PS90 (5.7x28)
DEZ 18" AR-10 (.308)

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DEZ is excited to open the doors to its state of the art public indoor shooting range located in Baraboo, WI. This new facility will serve as a 4-seasons shooting and training center for all firearm enthusiasts.


Sig Sauer 1911 (.22 LR)
Zastava M70 (.32 ACP)
Glock 42 (.380)
Beretta 85F(.380)
Beretta 92S (9mm)
Glock 19 Gen5 (9mm)
Glock 45 Gen5 (9mm)
HK P30S (9mm)
Glock 23 Gen4 (40 S&W)
Glock 21 Gen4 (.45 ACP)
RIA 1911 (.45 ACP)
Desert Eagle (.50 AE)

Now Open To The Public!

Range Details - What To Expect

Regular Range Pricing (Non-Member)

 Standard Membership Pricing

Being a member has perks! Our memberships include free access to the range for one year from the time of opening, in addition to discounts on range ammunition, classes, firearm rentals and shooting leagues.

Our range is open to the public. Membership is not required. Non-member rates are listed further below.

DEZ intends to make this new facility its primary place of operation, and will be moving from its current location in the Wisconsin Dells. This expansion combines the retail, manufacturing and range portions of the company all under one roof!

Expanded Retail Store

An expanded retail store will allow DEZ to bring in a larger and complete line of products to cover all the shooter's needs. A greater diversity of firearms, accessories, ammunition and range gear will all be available in the new retail store.

Manufacturing & Testing

We will be able to manufacture and test fire our rifles for quality control in the same building. This also allows us to better service firearms that need to be repaired and test fired for proper function before being released back to the customer.


Professional in-house gunsmithing will be available at the new facility to service all of your firearm needs. DEZ will offer repairs, restorations, finishing services and upgrades to your personally owned firearms.


Handgun Rental - $20.00 Per Visit*

Rifle & Handgun Rental - $30.00 Per Visit*

Full-Auto Rental - Coming Soon!*

*Rental firearms must shoot ammunition purchased from the range.

Plan on visiting the range often? Become A Member Today! Being a member has the following benefits:

  • Free Access to The Shooting Range
  • Priority Range Access
  • Discounts on Ammunition, Classes, Firearm Rentals, and Shooting Leagues
  • 3 Guest Passes

Regular Range Hours

WI Sales Tax will be added to above prices (5.5%)

Tuesday - Saturday: 10AM - 8PM

Sunday: 12PM - 5PM

Monday: Closed

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Range Rates:

Standard Lane - $20.00 x Hour

Turning Target Lane - $26.00 x Hour

5 Range Session Pass - $80.00

10 Range Session Pass - $150.00

Shared Lane - Add an additional shooter to any lane for half price (3 Person Max Per Lane).

Designed For The Shooter         

Every decision in the development of the range space was intended to maximize the quality of the shooter's experience. These include the following:

  • Advanced Target Control - Automated, touch screen controllers will allow the shooter to precisely move and quickly retrieve their targets.
  • Sound Reduction - The range will feature a rubber berm bullet trap and acoustical rubber panels along the sides of the firing line to reduce sound levels and reverberation.
  • Air Quality - We have partnered with the industry leader in shooting range ventilation to guarantee a clean, smokeless time on the range.
  • Spacious Shooting Lanes - Our shooting lanes will be 4' in width with built in bench across, allowing room to comfortably load and shoot your firearm. Lane dividers offer ballistic protection.
  • 2 Separate Shooting Bays - The range space will be split into two separate bays, which means less distractions and sound from adjacent shooters.

10 Lanes / 75 Feet Range

Our state of the art indoor shooting range will feature 10 lanes, with electronic touch screen target retrievers, allowing the shooter to precisely set the distance of the target anywhere between 0 - 75 feet. The range will be pistol and rifle rated, allowing calibers up to .50 cal.

Range Membership Options

The range will have an annual membership which will be a great option for those planning to regularly use the range. Walk-in customers will be welcomed as well with range time available by the hour.

Firearm Rentals

A large selection of rifles, pistols and NFA firearms will be available for rent. Try out a DEZ rifle on the range, or that new pistol on your wish list. Silencers and full-auto rentals will also be available in the range.

Education and Training Classes

From learning the basics of firearm safety and concealed carry, to advanced shooting techniques and builder's workshops, DEZ will host a number of classes regularly throughout the year. A dedicated classroom space coupled with qualified instructors and live-fire training will ensure a high quality learning experience.

Shooting Leagues

Multiple shooting leagues of various skill levels will available for those wanting to compete casually or competitively.

Local Law Enforcement Partnership

DEZ is proud to support Wisconsin state and local law enforcement. The company currently partners with multiple counties throughout the state providing complete duty firearms and services. We plan to continue this support of law enforcement by offering a controlled environment for departments to train in throughout the year.