Step 4 - Create an EForms Account

Create an E-Forms account using the same email address as your Silencershop account. Make sure you write down your Eforms account name, password and 4-digit PIN number. You will need this information later when we submit the final paperwork to ATF.

2. Select a silencer to purchase from Silencershop's inventory.
3. Silencershop will ship the silencer to our location.

Transfer Prices:

The following prices apply to NFA items purchased online and shipped to DEZ for transfer (these rates do not apply to items purchased at DEZ Tactical or from Silencershop):

Silencers: $75.00 + $25.00 SilencerShop Kiosk Fee

SBRs: $100.00 + $25.00 SilencerShop Kiosk Fee

Transferable Machine-Guns: Call For Quote

Note: All sales of NFA items are final and are non-refundable.


Step 3 - Photo

Download the Silencershop App on your smart phone. You will use the app to take a passport style photo which is required for purchasing a silencer. If you don't have the app, you can alternatively email a passport style photo to and they will manually attach the photo to your account.

Step 7 - Final Certification Through E-Forms

A few days after completing your docusign, you will receive an email from Silencershop notifying you that your forms are ready to certify. You can certify remotely with us over the phone using your computer, or in person at our store.

Click This Link or Scan the Above QR Code to select us as your receiving dealer with

Step 6 - Docusign

After completing the above steps and paying for you silencer, you will receive an email after a few days with some documents to sign. Review the information carefully, and sign the documents electronically on your computer or phone.

Step 8 - Wait For Your Approval

The final step is waiting for your approval from ATF. Wait times can vary, but you can get an idea by checking Silencershop's NFA Tracker. We do allow you to use your silencer on our indoor range while you wait for your approval (it needs to stay at DEZ until the approval). Upon approval, you can come into our store and take your suppressor home!

Step 2 - Fingerprinting

Visit our store and complete your fingerprinting on our Silencershop Kiosk. You will need a Silencershop account before you can utilize the Kiosk. Make sure you create a Silencershop account at While using the Kiosk, you will select your transfer type (individual or trust).

Step 5 - Purchase a Tax Stamp

Using Silencershop's website, you will purchase a NFA Tax Stamp. You will need 1 Tax Stamp per NFA item. You can also purchase a Single Shot Trust if you would like your silencer registered on a trust. We highly recommend a trust for a number of reasons.

DEZ Tactical is a licensed NFA/SOT dealer with a large selection of silencers in stock. We are also a dealer with Silencershop and have a Silencershop Kiosk. You can either purchase a silencer from our in-store inventory, or from

Shoot your silencer on our indoor range while you wait for your paperwork approval!

Step 1 - Choose Your Silencer

Pick a silencer. Our sales specialists can help you pick out your silencer. Once you've decided, you can either purchase at our store, or at

If Purchasing Through Silencershop:

1. Follow the link below, or scan the QR code to select DEZ Tactical Arms as your receiving dealer.